Grantham University is a private, online university located in Kansas City, Missouri. Founded in 1951, Grantham offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs primarily in technical fields such as business, criminal justice, engineering, and information technology. With its flexible, online format, Grantham aims to provide accessible, affordable education to working professionals. With over 70,000 alumni, Grantham continues to grow and evolve its program offerings to meet the changing needs of today’s workforce.

Grantham’s Online Learning Model

As a fully online university, Grantham does not have a traditional campus. Instead, students access all of their coursework through Grantham’s online learning management system. Course formats vary but typically involve some combination of prerecorded video lectures, interactive lessons, discussion boards, written assignments, projects, and tests. This flexible approach allows students to study and complete coursework on their own schedule, fitting education into their lives around work and family commitments.

Interaction occurs primarily through the learning management system, digital materials, and correspondence with faculty and peers. Students are not required to be in the same physical space at the same time. However, strong self-motivation skills are important for success in Grantham’s independent learning environment with less direct face-to-face interaction compared to traditional on-campus programs. Technical skills are also necessary to fully engage with the digital course platforms and materials.


Benefits of Grantham’s Online Model

There are several key benefits to Grantham’s fully online educational delivery:

  • Flexibility: Students can access courses anywhere, anytime, fitting study into their existing schedules. This makes Grantham accessible for working professionals.
  • Affordability: Tuition at Grantham tends to be lower than private in-state/out-of-state rates. There are also no additional expenses like room/board associated with traditional universities.
  • Convenience: Students do not need to relocate to attend Grantham. This removes barriers to continuing education for those in rural/remote areas far from campus locations.
  • Self-paced: Within parameters, students can progress through coursework at their own pace. This helps manage commitments in addition to study.

Of course, online learning also has challenges like those previously mentioned regarding self-motivation and technical skills. But for many students, the flexibility and access provided outweigh these downsides.

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Field of Study Options

Grantham offers programs at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree levels across several in-demand fields. Here are some of the major areas of study:


Business Administration

This broad degree path includes concentrations in accounting, finance, human resources, management, and marketing. Business administration degrees open doors to careers in both private corporations and public/non-profit sectors.

Computer Science & Information Technology

Areas like cybersecurity, network administration, and programming lay the groundwork for high-growth careers in IT. In-demand niches within this field include cyber defense analysts, network engineer, and full-stack developers.

Criminal Justice

For those interested in law enforcement, national security, and the legal system, criminal justice degrees pave the way to roles such as police officer, crime scene investigator, TSA agent, and probation/parole officer.



Associate and bachelor’s programs provide skills for design, manufacturing, quality control, and project management roles in various engineering disciplines including electrical, industrial, and software engineering.

Healthcare Management

A master’s degree in healthcare administration or public health prepares graduates for work across the healthcare industry ecosystem in departments like hospital administration, health policy, and patient advocacy.

With its range of high-demand programs, Grantham equips students with credentials for stable, lucrative careers even without the campus experience of a residential university. The applied, career-focused nature of most curricula also means skills are developed with real-world application in mind.

Employment Prospects and Career Pathways 2024 & Beyond

Graduates of Grantham University programs have access to a wide array of positions thanks to the portable, applicable nature of the skills learned. Here’s a brief overview of some career outlook highlights for common fields of study:

Business Administration

Job opportunities abound in fields like healthcare, finance, and technology. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 9% national growth in business and financial occupations from 2020-2030, creating over 2 million jobs. Strong prospects exist for roles like account executive, office manager, project manager, and HR specialist.

Computer Science & IT

Cybersecurity, cloud architecture, and software engineering roles continue growing rapidly with remote/hybrid work increasing IT demand. The BLS expects 20% growth and over 200,000 new IT analyst & engineer jobs by 2030, well above average. Salaries can also be lucrative, with a median pay of around $100,000.

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Criminal Justice

Law enforcement remains in high demand regionally, with police and DETECTIVE jobs projected to increase nationally by 7% from 2020-2030. Border security, TSA, and corrections careers also see consistent openings. Median pay ranges from $50,000-$80,000 depending on experience and specialization.


Telecommuting opens the door for engineering roles that can be done remotely or hybrid. Electrical engineering, in particular, is expected to add over 70,000 jobs by 2030 due to infrastructure modernization and renewable energy growth. Engineers have a median salary of around $87,000 with room for progression into management.

Healthcare Management

With an aging population and emphasis on healthcare reform, the industry will see 18% job growth and over 2 million openings for medical and health services managers between 2020 and 2030 according to BLS data. Hospital administrators and public health directors have a nationwide median pay of over $100,000.

In summary, Grantham degrees position graduates for stable, middle-class careers in growing fields with earning potential competitive against traditional residential programs. Online accessibility also allows the customization of skills to regional economies and emergent career paths. With dedication, Grantham can open career doors across various sectors in 2024 and beyond.

Financing Your Grantham Education

As with any higher education, financing is an important consideration when exploring Grantham University. Fortunately, Grantham offers several financial assistance options:

Federal Student Aid

Being accredited, Grantham is eligible for federal grants and loans including Pell Grants and Direct Loans. This provides access to major aid sources without the high-interest rates of some alternatives. FAFSA is required.


Grantham awards competitive merit scholarships up to $1,000 per term based on metrics like GPA, community service, or military service. Many smaller departmental scholarships also exist. Past recipients recommend regularly checking requirements and deadlines.

Third-Party Loans

For those ineligible or maxed out on federal aid, private options may help cover tuition costs. But terms tend to be less favorable than federal alternatives. Careful research can prevent unwanted debt.

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Employer Tuition Assistance

Some employers provide tuition reimbursement or direct assistance to employees continuing their education. This can significantly offset Grantham’s already reasonable rates and make higher education virtually free.

Income Share Agreement

As a novel alternative, Grantham partners with Anthropic to offer ISAs where students pay a fixed percentage of future earnings for a fixed term after graduation rather than taking out traditional loans.

With responsible planning, financing a Grantham education remains highly viable due to competitive rates, varied assistance programs, and income-based financing innovation. Exploring all available options early prevents unwarranted debt burden that could hamper careers.

FAQs About Grantham Education and Careers

1. How long does it take to complete a Grantham degree?

Typical degree completion times are two years for an associate’s, four years for a bachelor’s, and two years for a master’s. But as an online, self-paced university, Grantham allows flexibility to accelerate or extend timelines based on individual circumstances. Most full-time students average 6-12 credit hours per term.

2. Is a Grantham degree respected by employers?

Grantham is accredited, and degrees are generally respected by employers. What matters most is the skills and knowledge gained, relevant work experience, and initiative shown. Grantham graduates have found career success across various industries, regions, and employer sizes. The online format itself is also increasingly accepted.

3. What’s the admissions process like?

Admission to Grantham is open and noncompetitive. Requirements include a high school diploma/GED and completion of any necessary financial aid forms. No entrance exams, letters of recommendation, or minimum GPA thresholds apply. Individuals from any background can pursue higher education through Grantham.

4. Is it difficult to study online instead of on campus?

Online learning requires strong personal responsibility, time management, and self-motivation compared to the structured campus experience. Technical skills are also crucial to navigating the learning platform. However Grantham equips students with relevant digital literacy and academic support resources. With dedication and discipline, online students can thrive.

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