You’re Not My Pastor- Arya Starr To Those Criticizing Her Skimpy Dress

You are not my pastor

You’re not my pastor, Arya Starr replies those still judging her short dresses and fashion style


You’re not my pastor, so keep your judgement to yourselves. The Mavin Princess, singer and songwriter Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe popularly known as Arya Starr. Has come under scrutiny again for fashion style and the singer is giving back the same energy to the naysayers.


Speaking in an interview in the UK the singer made it a point of duty to remind those trolling her. That they are wasting their time tr0lling her choice of outfits because they are not in any way part of the people who have a say in her life.


Since Arya Starr changed her style, she has been met with lots of criticism. Fans likened her fashion sense to that of a child since her clothes appear too little for her body. And they’ve made it a duty to criticize her fashion whenever she appears in her usual skimpy attire.


However, speaking with @KissFm UK the singer replied to all her critics saying “You’re not my pastor. You’re not Jesus. You’re not my mother, so keep it to yourself. I don’t wanna know. I don’t give a damn”.


So according to Arya, if you are not her mom, pastor or God judge her. Just keep your opinion to yourself because she doesn’t care and doesn’t want to hear about it. She had my name was clear that she would keep doing what she wanted so long as it made her happy.

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