You’re An Old Man- Burna Boy Tells Diddy

You are an old man

You’re an old man, Burna Boy warns Billionaire rapper who tried to battle him on the dance floor


The Nigerian singer and self-proclaimed Odogwu was recently seen in a viral video calling American

rapper, Diddy an old man. In the viral video, Burna Boy was seen sending a note of warning to the

billionaire rapper in the club.


According to Burna Boy, I don’t think you remember you’re an old man, as they engage in a

dance-off. In his words, “Hey bruv, OG I don’t think you remember you’re an old man, I don’t

want to disgrace you right here. Don’t come here on the dance floor and be kinging and sh#t.

You’re the king of them records I give you that, but don’t call me on the dance floor mehn, that

would be embarrassing for you. I love you OG, you feel me”.

You're an old man



















The banner seems light-hearted, one between friends and colleagues in the industry who respects

each other. But regardless of the smiles and lightheartedness, fans had much to say about Burna Boy’s



Some faulted the singer for not respecting Diddy who has been in the game longer than him, saying it’s

disrespectful. Adding that those abroad don’t move like Nigerians, and when they spot disrespect they

don’t let it go. Below are a few comments regarding the video. Click to watch the video.


@omolayo_mi: “The artist we idolized those days oh… God bless Nigerian artists for giving us this leverage”

@ndiefi8: “Burna always simping and showing teeth when he’s with people overseas. But will come and be

doing hard man for Nigeria”

@wordofreason: “I guess the moral of this story is make enough money. So that you can be talking to your

father’s mate as if he’s your mate Lol”

@03mediaceo: “Things I love to watch about the Kulture movement, who could have imagined this could

happen??? Idols are becoming rivals”

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