“You Were Not Re-elected, You Selected Yourself”- Falz Fumes At Lagos State Governor

You selected youself Falz to Lagos state governor

You selected yourself Falz tells Lagos-state governor, the rapper gave his take on the final results


You selected yourself Falz tells Lagos-State governor. The Nigerian talented rapper and activist Falz as popularly known has blown hot to the gubernatorial results. Just like many other Nigerians, the rapper is saddened by how the electoral process was conducted. Because of that, one can hardly call the election a free and fair process.


Despite coming out in numbers to vote for their preferred candidates, some people were disenfranchised due to tribal discr1mination. A lot of v!olence was recorded and people were seen chased out of polling units to prevent them from casting votes. The turn of events which had some citizens’ hopes fail, also have many who were still in support of it. People have taken to different social media platforms to express their feelings and thoughts on the supposed free and fair elections.


These incidents have many people enraged and agitating that in a sane country, the electoral process would be nullified. But being that it’s Nigerian where so many things are being swept under the carpet. By people who feel they should rule with force and intimid@tion. In order to prevent them from carrying out their civic responsibility. Falz has said to the incoming governor, ‘You selected yourself’, everyone witnessed it.


Falz on the congratulatory message of the ‘Re-elected governor of Lagos state’. He wrote that he shouldn’t thank the people, since he wasn’t Re-elected but rather he selected himself. Adding that everyone saw it unfold and that they’re just deceiving themselves. The incumbent governor’s comments section on social media has been filled with agitation and complaints. Mostly about the unfair process of the electoral process, which brought him to power and which wasn’t free nor fair. Amidst everything, Nigerians are praying for peace and unity.

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