Wizkid’s Manager Jada Says The Only Thing She’s Applying Pressure On Is The Band Around Money

wizkid's manager jada

Wizkid’s manager Japa who is also his baby mama and mother of two of his kids has said that she doesn’t

have time to apply pressure on anything that’s not money


wizkid's manager jada





































Wizkid’s manager Jada who is also a mother of two, has said that she’s only putting pressure on the rubber band

around money and nothing else. She took to her verified twitter page to make it known that she’s only focusing

on one thing which is money!.


The statement is coming weeks after the singer Wizkid said he has been single after a long period of time and is

ready to mingle again. Jada (Wizkid’s manager) who didn’t receive the statement in the best light replied the singer saying not every

argument should be brought to social media, has dropped a hint stating she doesn’t have energy to fight for anything

other than money meaning that relationship is counted out.


Fans and colleagues advised them to try and resolve every issue they have off social media as nothing good

comes from it,


Singer Peter’s wife Lola Omotayo even advised the singer to settle with his baby mama because nothing is outside

only vultures who are there to suck all your hard work away.


Following the incidence, it looks like there’s still trouble in paradise because the singer’s manager took to her Twitter

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account to say the only she’s applying pressure and forcing right now is the rubber band around some money. The eagle

emoji she used signalled she was referring to her baby daddy wizkid


She wrote: “Ain’t forcing nothing but a rubber band around some money”

wizkid's manager jada











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