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Wizkid’s Friend, Willybang Reacts To Cynthia Morgan’s Prophecy

Wizkid’s friend Willybang has given his opinion on the viral Prophecy foreseen by singer Cynthia Morgan


Wizkid's Friend Willybang Reacts To Cynthia Morgan's Prophecy






























Cynthia Morgan revealed a recent Prophecy she saw about singer Wizkid, actress Funke Akindele and others and advised them

to pray seriously. and Wizkid’s friend Willybang has a word for her.


In the revelation she titled “November Prophecies”, she wrote


“Funke Akindele should pray for her finances so she doesn’t go bankrupt.

Wiz kid… God is saying we should pray for his mental health.

Jandor, God is saying you have to pick a side or it’s not too late for you to step down.

Popcaan the Jamaican artist should pray against sudden death”.


Wizkid's Friend Willybang Reacts To Cynthia Morgan's Prophecy


































She continued “I do not give prophecies on social media but I do not know these people personally and these messages has to get

to them as I have been holding back most of this informations since November 1st”


Wizkid’s Friend Willybang has taken to his social media account to reply Cynthia. He wrote “Why Nigerian PROPHETS dey only see bad news”


The post has since stirred a lot of reactions, as some think Wizkid’s friend spoke their minds and others advised him to reach out to Wizkid to

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pray seriously about the revelation. Concerned fans advised that the singer shouldn’t ignore the prophecy because it’s coming from Cynthia

but focus on the message as this world is spiritual.


Wizkid is yet to respond or react to the said Prophecy, but one thing we’re certain of is that Starboy is doing just fine.


View Willybang’s post here



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