Wizkid Throws $50k LV Jacket to Rolling Loud Audience

Wizkid made headlines once again as he threw an expensive LV jacket worth over $50k to the audience, creating a frenzy of excitement. Fans witnessed his captivating performances and the crowd’s overwhelming response as they sang along to his iconic songs. Let’s delve into the electrifying moments that solidify Wizkid’s status as a global superstar.

Wizkid’s Expensive Gesture

Wizkid threw an expensive LV jacket worth over $50k to the audience

Wizkid delighted fans at the Rolling Loud Festival by gifting an LV jacket worth over $50k to a lucky member of the audience. The extravagant act showcased Wizkid’s generosity and his ability to connect with his fans on a personal level.

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Wizkid Rolling Loud Unforgettable Performances

Wizkid took the stage by storm, captivating the crowd with his energetic and mesmerizing performances. From the pulsating beats of “Daddy Yo” to the crowd singing every word of “One Dance,” Wizkid’s presence electrified the atmosphere and left an indelible mark on the festival.

Fans React to Wizkid’s Spectacular Showmanship

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement as they witnessed Wizkid’s incredible talent and showmanship. Social media buzzed with reactions, praising his ability to control the crowd and expressing awe at the unforgettable moments they experienced during his performance.

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See video below:

Wizkid continues to solidify his status as a global superstar, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.



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