Wizkid Reveals His Biggest Goal In Life

Wizkid reveals his biggest goal in life

Wizkid reveals his biggest goal in life pertaining to his music, kids and fans…


Wizkid reveals his biggest goal in life. In a recent interview with @MixMagazine what his biggest goal in life is and how what his biggest motivation is. According to the Nigerian born superstar who rose to fame at a young age. And has gotten to the peak of his career the singer revealed his goals.


However, the 33 year old grammy award winner, stated ahead of his Tottenham show the reason why he goes the extra mile. In his interview with MixMagazine he disclosed that everything he has ever done including his music were inspired by his fans.


In his words, “It is not just me. It’s the fans, it’s the support of the music and culture. We all did it together”. Because his biggest goal is instilling positive energy and good morals into his kids. And also the next generation coming behind and looking up to him.


“Instilling positive energy and good morals into my kids and the next generation is my biggest goal, to be honest, I’ve gone through some crazy stuff. From being exposed to a whole lot of stuff at a very young age. I think that’s enough to teach you and keep you grounded in life” he stated. However, it goes to show how much the singer avoids drama and tries to live his life on a low key.


Meanwhile, Wizkid had promised a show like never before for his Tottenham concert. Although the show is scheduled for the 29th of July and Wizkid is live in London doing last minute preparations.

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