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Wizkid- “All These Old Men Are Going Out Of Power 2023″

The Nigerian artist Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly known as Wizkid has commented on the forthcoming elections. The Nigerian

singer has promised to come with his arsenal for all the old politicians who still want to contest for the coming elections.


Wizkid- “All These Old Men Are Going Out Of Power 2023"















In a recent interview with Guardian, Wizkid stated “I’m about to go crazy on their asses this election. All these old men are going

out of power this time. They need to go to an old people’s home and chill out”


He also added that There’s nothing worth celebrating in Nigeria except the people, because Nigerians are amazing it’s evident in our

music, sports, comedy and entertainment in general.


“I’m proud of young Nigerians doing amazing things around the world in tech. I have amazing friends doing amazing things that’s

it though, there’s nothing else” he stated.


Wizkid also added “but I’m hopeful there will be change. How soon? I’m not sure but a lot has changed from growing up to now. There was

a time you could never speak to the president or anyone in government like that. But now we have a voice.


The singer promised to do all within his means to ensure all the old men dragging the country behind are out of seat.

A country like Nigeria deserves better with all the natural and human resources it has been blessed with.


Wizkid is one artist who doesn’t speak on much, and it’s no surprise the singer is speaking up on politics as he was  heavily

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involved during the #Endsars protest.


In the interview, Wizkid reveals how despite his fame he still struggles with visibility.

“Most of the time, I don’t want camera in my face” he said


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