“So na Davido no be mini GOD too?” Reactions Trail as Rexxie Claims Wizkid is a Mini God

Wizkid is a Mini god

Nigerian singer Rexxie recently sparked a debate with his tweet praising Wizkid as a “mini god” following the music icon’s 33rd birthday celebration. The tweet garnered mixed reactions from fans, with some questioning the status of Davido in comparison. Let’s delve into the reactions and explore the admiration for Wizkid’s success in the music industry.

Wizkid’s Birthday Celebration and Rexxie’s Praise

On Wizkid’s 33rd birthday, Rexxie took to Twitter to express his admiration for the music superstar. Having collaborated with Wizkid, Naira Marley and Skibii on the remix of “Abracadabra,” Rexxie couldn’t help but marvel at Wizkid’s achievements, declaring him a “mini god” alongside a heart emoji.

see tweet below:

Fans React and Question Davido’s Status


Rexxie’s tweet ignited a flurry of responses from fans, some of whom raised questions about Davido, another popular Nigerian artist and Wizkid’s co-rival. Fans wondered if Davido should also be considered a “mini god” based on his accomplishments in the music industry.

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Diverse Reactions and Appreciation for Wizkid As A Mini god

Amidst the reactions, fans expressed their deep admiration for Wizkid, highlighting his long-standing success and unique talents. Some fans reminisced about their journey of following Wizkid’s career since 2011, appreciating his extraordinary abilities and envying his achievements.


Acknowledging Rexxie’s Praise and Hoping for Recognition

While some fans resonated with Rexxie’s perspective, others hoped that Rexxie himself would receive similar recognition in the future for his own contributions to the music industry.

Wizkid’s Impact as a Musical Genius being a Mini god

The overwhelming sentiment among fans is that Wizkid’s talent and impact in the music industry are unmatched. Whether or not Davido is regarded as a “mini god” in comparison, the admiration for Wizkid’s accomplishments is undeniable.

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