Wizkid Gifts A Fan 2 Million Naira

Wizkid gifts a fan 2 million

Wizkid gifts a fan 2 million naira, and the surprised fan couldn’t believe her eyes.


Wizkid gifts a fan 2 million. The Nigerian singer popularly known as Wizkid, Star Boy or Machala has amazed both fans and haters as he generously gave the sum of 2 million to a loyal fan. The lucky fan couldn’t contain her joy and excitement as she took to social media to share the news.


According to the lucky fan who allegedly got Wizkid to notice get a tweet calling for him to ask for her account number. And then surprisingly getting his attention and actually got the sum of 2 million naira sent to her.


Her tweet, “Wizkid!!!! 2million naira. Wake me tf up. Popsy the GOAT”

Wizkid gifts a fan 2 million

The tweet has gone viral and people are giving their opinions. Some say it’s just hype and nothing more arguing that Wizkid never responds to anyone. So what makes her case special?


There’s a chat supposedly between the fan and Wizkid where the singer replied to her tweet. And asked for her account details, which she sent and for a credit of 2 million Naira sent to her. Following the comments shows that most people aren’t buying the story, and they made it known. Probably Wizkid might see the brouhaha and actually respond.


But knowing the singer and how his personality, he most likely won’t react. Since he has been called out on multiple occasions and accused of lots of things but he remains silent no matter what is being said. Some say that he’s a superpower. Do you agree?

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