Wizkid Takes The Crown As The Most Influential Artist

Wizkid crowned most influential

Wizkid crowned most influential, according to a music critic, Wizkid takes the lead as the most influential artist in Africa


Wizkid crowned most influential artist. Following fans’ usual debate of Artists’ portfolios and achievements, Wizkid Davido and Burna boy are often mentioned. These artists’ careers seem to be the yardstick fans use for measuring success in the Nigerian music industry. From their awards, and shows to their streaming numbers.


Their talents are undeniably obvious, and they’ve amassed success since their journey into the industry. Wizkid has multiple awards to his name and has once been named Africa’s most decorated artist. His international recognition is evident as he has worked with quite a number of international artists. His fan base has stretched across the borders to the far shores of the world.


Burna boy is a one-time Grammy award winner who has claimed the title of ‘African Giant’ with pride. His style of music has made Afrobeat a widespread genre across Africa and the world. Burna boy has successfully pulled fans across the globe going by his multiple sold-out shows. As well as his features with quite a couple of international stars. Burna boy won his first Grammy emerging as the winner from his category.


Davido is one artist that’s loved by all, his energetic aura and heart of giving have made their way into people’s hearts. Davido has garnered success in the industry as well as he has won both national and international BET awards. The singer started music at a young age and has made his mark as well in the competitive music industry.

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All these artists are great with their excellent portfolios, but fans decided that Wizkid is the most influential artist of all time, as well as the awarded and most certified artist of all time. Do you agree?

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