Wizkid Apologized To Fans For Not Showing Up For His show In Ghana

Wizkid apologized to fans

Wizkid has released a statement apologizing to his Ghanaian Fans for not showing up to the show

after they called for his arrest.

Wizkid apologized to fans

























Wizkid apologized to fans; The Nigerian artist and Grammy award winner Ayodeji Balogun popularly known

as Wizkid has recently apologized to all his Ghanaian fans for failing to show up for his show they bought tickets to come for.


Before his apology, populate media personality Kwadwo Sheldon have called for Wizkid’s arrest for wasting people’s

times and resources without prior notice. Seldon and so many others felt Wizkid’s action shows he doesn’t value his

African supports because it has never been heard of that Wizkid missed a show abroad for whatever reason.


Another fan who goes by @Adisim Clinton said he  was at the event from 4pm till 4am, Wizkid never showed up

and he’s pained. Nneka who was also at the event tweeted “ people leaving at 4:03am after 12 hours waiting for

@wizkidayo. I feel so bad. I feel sad it’s happening in another country. Happening in Ghana. A country you reside in.

This is the peak of one’s hubris. About 5000 stood waiting for an artist and he decided not to show up. The authorities

have intervene. He should be banned and the organizers should be sanctioned. It’s rather distasteful.


Wizkid following the recent happenings has released a statement where he apologized for his absence and being that

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it’s not in his nature to disappoint his fan will definitely make it up to them. He explained that what happened was

beyond his control and related to safety issues.

Wizkid apologized to fans



























Before then, his management released a statement that stated “wizkid breached his contractual obligation last night.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will issue FULL refunds to all who paid for tickets”. 


Read full statement here

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