Why Your Blessings Are Hanging- Music Executive Soso Soberekon Reveals To Men

Why your blessings are hanging

Why your blessings are hanging, Music executive reveals to men the secret to why most of their blessings are in full supply


Why your blessings are hanging. The Nigerian music producer is also known as White Lion in Port Harcourt, on June 6th. Soso Soberekon is a music producer and artist manager. He is known for helping artists secure shows and other deals in the music industry. He usually accompanies his artist to different shows and is also responsible for artist bookings.


The music Producer currently manages KCEE and Harrysong signed under the Five Star Music record label. He has been in the music industry for over a decade and has gotten his fair share of success. Soso recently came up with solid advice for men as to why their blessings are experiencing a short supply.


According to a recent post he made, the celebrity music executive wrote “Treating a woman right is better than jumping from one church to another. From one Ezenwaanyi to Dibia. Some of your blessings are hanging because you don’t treat the woman in your life well”.


He emphasized that when you treat the woman in your life right, things will keep falling in place for you. But when you don’t, some of your blessings will be in short supply because of the way you’re treating that woman in your life.  Because some men in recent times have so much ego that they rather hurt their partners than make things right.


Meanwhile, Soso Soberekon is giving men the ultimate secret to a full load of blessings instead of jumping from one church to another. Which is to treat your woman right.

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