Why I Can’t Marry One Wife – Rapper Speed Darlington Reveals

Why I can not marry one wife

Why I can’t marry one wife rapper speed Darlington reveals in a new podcast interview


Why I can’t marry one wife, Speed Darlington declares. Nigerian rapper and controversial artist Speed Darlington also known as Akpi has opened up in a recent interview on his view on marriage. According to the Nigerian rapper, a man isn’t meant to be with just one woman but society has conditioned us to be that way.


In his words, “I’m not supposed to be with one woman, there’s so much t£mptation with one. The t£mptation is great it’s just that we feel like we’re smarter than other animals. We wear clothes, we invent things to make our lives easy, so we automatically believe say we sharper. We dey force ourselves this principle of one woman”.


“Africa sef, black race we’re not the race of black one. I can stay with one woman absolutely. But I’m hoping my woman will be open eventually to polygämy. That way there’s no che@ting, I’m not outside running out on you emb@rrassing you”. He added.


However, many have reacted to Akpi’s comment on hoping to get into polygämy if his woman is open to it.


@just_milato: “U fit no see person wey go marry u sef… Talk less of two”

@blessingwatl: “Atleast from his words, he will inform the lady before hand. I like him for his honesty, if the lady is not interested in polygamy he will look for someone else not being dëceitful about it”

@amy_wealth: “Taa like you can handle the drama that comes with having more than one wife. You wey small thing you go go live”

@pwesshy22_: “I pity who go marry this man”

@queeniziguzo: “I haven’t even listened and I’m already laughing. This guy is just pure cruise”

@entertainforlife: “Realest of em all. Baba has no filter”


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Watch full interview here

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