Who Has More Star Power, Ruger or BNXN?

Who has more star power

Ruger and BNXN are about to drop music same day, and their Star power will be tested


Ruger and Buju dropped new music the same week with 24 hours separating them. Star power will be put to the test, and New Music Friday about to be fun. And fans are anticipating the release in order to put an end to the unending battle of who’s better.


BNXN’s first single of the year “PRAY” will be dropping on Friday 12/5/23. While Ruger’s first single of the year “JONZING BOY” will also be dropped same Friday 12/5/23.The snippet of the song has been dropped and fans have these to say. They’re at loggerheads about whose music is better.

Who has more star power


Below are a few of Fans takes on who would outdo the other.

@Olamide: “There’s a line on Ruger’s new snippet people are not paying attention to. You can only understand if you listen deeply. I can’t wait for the song to drop on Friday”

@nycewizy: “As a Ruger stan, I’d love to see this context done with once and for all cos we all know Ruger is so clear. Not undermining Buju’s talent tho. But, Talent is never enough. Ruger is a complete package”

@Spic3e: “Honest question, are you saying the song with the highest stream will be the better song? When we’ve not even heard the songs about to drop yet”

@LionStarzy: “Another time for Ruger to show his master talent”

@DjYupzy: “Truth is Ruger drop very simple songs to relate with, unlike Buju who is lyrically based. They’re both awesome”

@TEMI: “Bnxn Pray is a better song already”

@Johnbaddy4: “Buju is bigger & better than Baba Frayo, we all know”

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