We’re Tired Of Independent Life- Harrysong Writes on Marriage

Harrysong writes on marriage

Harrysong writes on marriage with an epistle about love and marriage as well as what to do to secure a future with a dream partner


Harrysong writes on marriage. On the popular topic of love and marriage Nigerian singer Harrysong has given his two cents about his view on the marital union. The Nigerian singer gave his opinion on a trending topic about women in marriage.


The statement reads “we need to bring back good home upbringing, and fear of God and respect.  We’re sick and tired of this whole independent woman sh!t. My money is our money. It’s more than enough for us. Just ask anything I will do it”.


Harrysong came out across the tweet and shared his opinion.  According to the musician, if a woman believes in marriage and wishes to build a home with her dream partner. Then she will need to stay back in her parent’s house, work and grow from there. And let him marry you from there.


“If you still believe in marriage and love to build ur own home with ur dream partner. Stay in your parent’s house, work and grow from there. Let him marry you from there”

Harrysong writes on marriage

Going by the numerous comments, asking what the confusion is as men seem to not know what they want. Because it seems like they neither want an independent nor dependent woman. While some think it unfair for a woman to pause her life because she’s waiting for a man.

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