Usher Fulfils Burna Boy’s Childhood Dreams

Usher fulfils Burna boy's dreams

Usher fulfils Burna Boy’s childhood dreams by paying the singer a surprise visit during one of his concerts


Usher fulfils Burna boy’s dreams. Nigerian-born Grammy award-winning artist Damini Ogulu professionally known as Burna Boy was in awe and utter shock after American singer, Usher paid him a surprise visit. Burna has made it known that Usher was his idol while growing up and his music inspired him a lot. So being surprised by him was a dream come through.


Usher who Burna boy had described as his childhood hero, paid the African giant a surprise visit. The singer is a popular American RnB singer and pop icon who has won several international awards for his work.  Usher during his time was a household name, due to his vocal and dancing skills.


The singer was instrumental in discovering Justin Bieber at a young age and played some role in influencing his music style. The RnB singer who’s remembered for his love songs, which made many fall in love with him. It’s no surprise that Burna boy, like many others, referred to usher as their idol.


Burna boy who was shocked to see Usher didn’t know how best to express his shock and surprise. Adding to the fact that Usher just fulfilled one of his childhood fantasies. It’s good to see artists who were once idolised while growing up, become stars as well. And even doing and accomplishing better.

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