UK Govt. Spent £162M For Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

UK Govt. Spent £162M For Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

UK Govt.Spent £162M For Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral


UK Govt.Spent £162M for Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral. It’s been revealed that the UK Govt. spent £162 million for queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

The United Kingdom government has revealed that nearly £162 ($201 million) went into all the funeral rites for the late Queen Elizabeth. The flamboyant funeral of the longest serving monarch held on the 19th of September 2023.

And according to John Glen the financial minister,  the total estimated cost ran to £161.7 million. Which followed hundred of thousands of people queuing round the clock for days to view her coffin as it lay in state. At the UK parliament in London and Edinburgh, which also required costly security and logistic arrangements.

In a statement by the finance Minister, he said “The d3ath of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 8th September 2022. And the period of national mourning that followed was a moment of huge national significance. The government priorities were that these events ran smoothly and with the appropriate level of dignity. While at all times ensuring the safety and security of the public”.

In essence the Government saw it as an honour to give the Queen an elaborate funeral. Whereby the cost were the least of the problem while putting the safety of the citizens and attendees as priority. Meanwhile, Prince Charles, who succeeded Queen Elizabeth has been crowned king.

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