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Turkish Woman Mistakes A Random Girl For Arya Starr

Turkish woman mistakes random girl for Arya Starr, the singer may possibly have a twin abroad as someone else got mistaken to be her


Turkish woman mistakes random girl for Arya Starr. The unidentified lady has a striking resemblance to Nigerian’s talented singer Arya Starr. Has had her two minutes of fame when a Turkish woman who is obviously a fan of Arya Starr. She Mistook her for the singer and asked for pictures and took videos thinking she accidentally met the singer.


The Mavin signee Arya Starr has one of the most successful careers in music despite her small beginnings. With her numerous hit singles, she has amassed millions of views on multiple music streaming platforms. It goes without saying that Arya has garnered fans from all over the country. The Nigerian Barbie girl who has also made statements with her fashion style is one aspect she is popular for.


Following the mistaken identity, since the lucky girl had to be Arya Starr for a minute, she seems to be enjoying herself. Although a friend of Aryas’ look-alike revealed her friend gets told that she looks like the Nigerian star a lot. According to her, this is not the first time this is happening.


“We’ve always told her she looked like Arya Starr. Now some Turkish woman confirmed it”


The original owner of the identity (Arya Starr) is yet to speak on the matter and hopefully, she feels flattered. And harmless until it’s used negatively. Watch the viral video here

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