Top Trending Songs in Nigeria Right Now

Top trending songs in Nigeria right now.

Discover the top trending songs in Nigeria right now.

The Nigerian music scene is always vibrant and exciting, with new songs capturing the hearts of listeners. If you’re looking for the hottest tracks in Nigeria at the moment, look no further. Here are the top trending songs that you need to have on your playlist:

#1 Reason by Omah Lay

Omah Lay ReasonOmah Lay’s “Reason” takes the number one spot on the trending charts. This smooth and soulful Afrobeats track explores the complexities of love and heartbreak. With its infectious melody and relatable lyrics, it has become an instant hit across the nation.


#2 Lonely at the Top by Asake

Asake Lonely at the top

Asake’s “Lonely at the Top” is a catchy and upbeat song that resonates with many. It delves into the challenges that come with success and offers a glimpse into the artist’s personal journey. Its infectious beats and thought-provoking lyrics have catapulted it to the top of the charts.

#3 Basquiat by Asake

Asake Basquiat

“Basquiat” by Asake is a vibrant and energetic Afrobeats anthem that celebrates self-confidence and self-expression. With its pulsating rhythms and empowering message, it has struck a chord with listeners nationwide, solidifying Asake’s position as a rising star.

#4 Amapiano by Asake and Olamide

Asake ft. Olamide Amapiano

Asake joins forces with Olamide in the electrifying collaboration “Amapiano.” Blending Afrobeats with the infectious sounds of South African Amapiano, this track is a certified banger. Its catchy melody and energetic tempo have made it an instant favorite among music enthusiasts.


#5 Sunshine by Asake


“Asake’s “Sunshine” brings a ray of positivity to the airwaves. This feel-good Afrobeats track is all about love and happiness. Its uplifting lyrics and infectious rhythm have brought smiles to many faces, making it a standout hit.

More Trending Songs in Nigeria

But the list doesn’t end there. Here are a few more songs that are making waves and creating a buzz in Nigeria:

#6 It’s Yours by Omah Lay

Omah Lay strikes again with “It’s Yours.” This soulful track captures the essence of love and appreciation, showcasing the artist’s vocal prowess and ability to connect with his audience.

#7 I Believe by Asake

Asake’s “I Believe” is an anthem of self-confidence and empowerment. Its catchy hooks and motivational lyrics have resonated deeply with listeners, making it a must-listen.

#8 New Religion by Olamide and Asake

In “New Religion,” Olamide and Asake bring their unique styles together to create a fusion of Afrobeats and hip hop. This captivating collaboration explores themes of love and relationships, captivating fans from different musical backgrounds.

#9 Sprinter by Dave and Central Cee

“Sprinter” is a dynamic collaboration between British rappers Dave and Central Cee. This fusion of Afrobeats and UK drill delivers high-energy vibes and lyrics that inspire hustle and success.

#10 Remember by Asake

Asake’s “Remember” is another feel-good track that evokes nostalgia and love. Its catchy beats and relatable lyrics make it a favorite among fans of the genre.

The Music Scene in Nigeria

Nigeria’s music scene is a melting pot of talent, creativity, and diverse genres. With artists pushing boundaries and breaking records, it’s no wonder that the industry continues to flourish. The top trending songs showcase the versatility and unique voices that define Nigerian music.

3: Other Interesting Facts About the Top Trending Songs

Apart from the incredible music itself, there are some fascinating facts surrounding the top trending songs in Nigeria right now. Let’s delve into a few of them:

The Average Age of the Artists

One noteworthy aspect is the age of the artists behind these hits. Surprisingly, the average age of the artists on the list is only 25 years old. This demonstrates the youthful energy and talent that is driving the Nigerian music industry forward.

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Top Dominant Genres trending songs in Nigeria right now.

Afrobeats reigns supreme as the most popular genre among the top trending songs. Its infectious rhythms and captivating melodies have captured the hearts of millions. Amapiano, a South African genre of electronic dance music, has also made a strong impact, showcasing the cross-cultural influences within the Nigerian music landscape. Hip hop, with its lyrical prowess and urban flair, also holds a prominent place on the list.

Streaming Success

The top trending songs in Nigeria have amassed an incredible number of streams on platforms like Spotify, surpassing a staggering 1 billion streams. This not only reflects the popularity of the songs within the country but also highlights their global appeal.

Established Artists and Upcoming Artists

The list comprises both established artists and newcomers who have captured the attention of music lovers. It showcases the diverse talents emerging from Nigeria, with established names continuing to deliver chart-topping hits and new artists making their mark in the industry.

Keep Up with the Nigerian Music Scene

The Nigerian music scene is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, with new songs constantly making waves and captivating audiences. To stay up-to-date with the latest trends and discover more exciting music, be sure to keep an eye on the charts and follow your favorite artists on social media.


The top trending songs in Nigeria right now are a testament to the incredible musical talent and creativity within the country. From Omah Lay’s soulful melodies to Asake’s infectious beats, these songs capture the essence of Nigerian music and its ability to connect with listeners on a deep level. Whether you’re a fan of Afrobeats, Amapiano, or hip hop, there’s something for everyone in the Nigerian music scene. So, turn up the volume, enjoy the beats, and let the music take you on a journey of rhythm and emotion.

I hope you discover some amazing songs through this list and continue to explore the vibrant Nigerian music scene!

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