To Hell With The Igbo’s – Brymo Tweets

to hell with the igbo's

Singer Brymo has come under fire over his recent comment “to hell with the igbo’s”, calling all Igbo’s senseless

which may also cost him an award

to hell with the Igbo's

























To hell with the Igbo’s; Former  choco-city singer Brymo is officially facing cancellation by fans and colleagues following

his tasteless tweet about the eastern part of Nigeria. According to him, he all Igbo’s can f**k off

and he is not sorry for saying that.


The singer who took to his verified Twitter page to share the controversial tweet “Fuck The Ndi Igbo !! ..

To Hell With It”,  has since sparked numerous outrage from both the Igbos and other tribe as it was

considered inappropriate and uncalled for. People called him out over his comment but he seem unremorseful.

Fans who once considered him a role model and a genius artist are now taking back their words.


His colleagues in the  industry have tried cautioning him over the statement and if possible apologize for going

overboard as the country is already faced with tribalism and ethnic division,  but the singer is adamantly standing

by his words.


While @DJ-BIG-N who is also a colleague wrote “Dear @Brymo you’re a classic case of “if you can’t stun them with

your brilliance, dazzle them with your rubbish”. You try to use “big” words to make you sound learned, you end up

always incoherent. A call out of a tribe is distasteful & may likely end what’s left of you”


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@DREMO also commented “Brymo what you said  was wrong, just apologize and stop acting like child. Jeez”


According to singer @Yung6ix “Disappointment is an understatement. I want to assume it’s the drugs, because

I expect the individual Brymo to be better than that”


Despite all what was said, Brymo’s tweeted “ Dear Easterners I’m not sorry…”


People have opened a petition and over 6,000 have signed against Brymo’s AFRIMA award win over his comment

about the Igbo’s.

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