Tiwa Is Not Who She Think She Is – Music Analyst

Tiwa is not who she think she is

Tiwa is not who she think she is when compared to Tems and Arya Starr when it comes to international hits


Nigerian sensational singer and performer is currently a topic of discussion on Twitter space. However according to a Twitter music analyst who has come to the conclusion that Tiwa Savage compared to Tems and Arya falls short.


Although he based his analysis on the lack of international hits as compared to Arya and Tems hit songs that entered the international market. None of Tiwa’s single can be said to have broken through to foreign audience.


In his Tweet, he wrote “Tiwa Savage is not who she think she is. Zero international hits but if we compare Tems and Ayra to her you’ll call it disrespe¢t. It’s not how far but how well”.

Tiwa is not who she think she is



The critic concluded that it’s not how far but how well an artist craft is. Because a lot of people argue that Tiwa Savage has the experience and is internationally recognized. Despite her songs not being a street anthem to them, just the sane way Tems and Arya are.


Here are a few takes in response to the tweet;

@I am Enek: “I have said it time without numbers remove out OG status. The girls are by far in (craft,lyrics,music,charts,streams everything) better than her tiwa savage but we don’t want to tell ourselves the truth”

@Tilda: “We should rather celebrate having talented women in the music industry, Tiwa has been in the game with experience. Tems and Arya Starr are k!lling it now. Let’s celebrate them all”

@Gh0st_boy_xx: “Now you are talking. I have always said this but people be saying it’s disrespe¢t… Mama just dey use the number of years in the game dey de¢eive herself…Tems and Ayra are clear!!!!!!!…just like burna is clear!!!!!!”

@Mukie: “Who performed at the Coronation of King Charles again?”

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