Timaya Reveals His Greatest Challenge

Timaya reveals greatest challenge

Timaya reveals his greatest challenge, the singer took to his social media platform to share his greatest challenge


Timaya reveals his greatest challenge. The Nigerian singer and performer Timaya have shared some of his personal struggles with fans. His purpose in asking is to ensure he’s not the only one going through the challenge. The questions which are connected to relationships have many concurring and relating with the singer.


Taking to his Twitter page, Timaya posted a question. This has sparked lots of interest where he enquires if finding love is as difficult for others as it is for him. Because finding someone who genuinely loves you is a difficult task these days.


“This days LOVE come hard to find. Is it me or y’all with me”


Timaya emphasizes the difficulty in finding love these days. It’s being an ongoing controversial topic, both at home and abroad on how difficult it is to find love. Or those interested in a committed relationship. Most of their reasons boil down to the fact that people aren’t ready or they’re looking for material things. Below are some of the comments in agreement:

@Kanye South: “Love s only meant for d weak..d strong don’t love”

@Ben ehiz: “Everybody even family members are now into transactional relationship … anybody wey get money we dey like so we no really know who love us for us anymore”

@Blessing: “Love no hard  to find oo. Na the location wey you dey find am be the problem”

@Gbenga: “Absolutely.True love is very rare.

We only have love with benefits these days”

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