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Simi Reveals Why People Leave The County

Simi reveals why people migrate, the sensational singer has revealed the hidden reasons people leave for greener pastures


Simi reveals why people migrate. The Nigerian songstress and performer popularly known as Simi has revealed in a recent tweet the reason for people’s migration. The mother of one, in a series of tweets made recently, revealed lots of hidden facts as to why people leave their countries.


According to her writeup; “Black Africans have to f!ght and f!ght for space and respect and survival everywhere they go because the one place that is their birthright is hard on their lives. One would think this would make African leaders wake tf up and help us f!ght for our dignity.”


“Who really wants to go to a land of strangers, away from everyone and things they love? People that want to survive. Nobody chooses that life because it’s good or easy. They just don’t want to d!e feeling that helpless”


“But these leaders don’t love their country. They don’t love their people. They only love their greëdy bellies. They only care about their own children. They only care about their families. As long as their w!ckedn3ss is not happening to them, why stop?”

Simi reveals why people migrate




Many Africans have been known to dominate international countries mainly because they’re seeking better lives for themselves and their families. Besides no one would leave their countries if they have good working systems. Because  Simi spoke facts, a lot of people seem to be in agreement with her.

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