The Only Time I Was Disappointed In Myself Was When I Quarrelled With My Wife Chioma- Davido Reveals

The only time I was disappointed in myself was when I quarrelled with my wife Chioma. Davido revealed in an interview.


The only time I was disappointed in myself was when I quarrelled with my wife. Nigerian singer and music executive has revealed yet again in an interview the one time he was disappointed in himself. According to the talented artist, he revealed that at that time he felt he could have done better.


However, Davido added that at that time they were still dating he hasn’t married her yet and he messed up. But he fixed it later down the line and married her the unavailable singer revealed. Davido and his wife Chioma are currently married as he officially announced it via his social media page.


In his words, when asked when was the last time he was disappointed in himself. He stated “Well I don’t know, probably when me and wife first… Like we’re married now but like when we like first had a little rift. I felt like I could have done better, you know definitely cos she’s an amazing person. I think that’s the only time I was like damn you messed up, but I fixed it”.


Since his album TIMELESS got released, the singer has been on nonstop promotions. He also revealed in a recent interview that he’s the time to hawk his music like pure water regardless of how successful he is. Davido revealing he never get disappointed In him except the one time he has an issue with his wife Chioma.

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