“The Idea Of Saying PEOPLE Of Colour Is Total Bullshit To Me” Singer 2face says

“Some People Have Mastered The Act Of Hiding Their Red Flags" Singer, 2face Laments

According to 2face unless everyone is saying WHITE is not a colour, then the idea of saying people of

colour is bullsh*t to him.

"The Idea Of Saying PEOPLE Of Colour Is Total Bullshit To Me" Singer 2face says





















Nigerian legendary singer, songwriter and multiple award winner Innocent Idibia popularly known as 2face

or 2Baba has dropped his opinion on the statement ‘People of Colour’.


According to the singer, using the term people of colour to describe black people is arrant nonsenses. Unless

we all agree that WHITE is not a colour, saying people of colour in relation to Black people doesn’t make sense

to him at all.


2face made this statement in a post he shared via his Instagram story on Tuesday, 22nd of November. Where he

shared his opinion on the popularly used term.


He wrote: “Unless we are all saying that WHITE is not a colour, The idea of saying PEOPLE OF COLOUR is total bullshit

to me”


"The Idea Of Saying PEOPLE Of Colour Is Total Bullshit To Me" Singer 2face says



























The post sparked various reactions online both  from Nigerians and other Africans, as they share their opinions on the

statement ‘People of Colour’


Below are a few of their comments

@truecrimedaniel wrote: “White people invented it!!! In a predominantly white country, it was their way if separating or

segregating other races who were minorities. That’s how it was supposed to make sense. Even though it doesn’t make

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sense semantically. But yea the term “people of colour” is just a historical reference to dark times for minorities in

America especially”.

@dr_omomurewa wrote: “I don’t like to hear that phrase truly. I’m black and proudly black. Which one is ‘people of
colour’? We dey do fine art?


@Klinkeed wrote: “it’s actually a grossly racial statement that the world has come to normalize. White is also a colour!

I’d rather be called black, than be referred to as  POC.


@officialbobbyfederick wrote: “To me I feel that name “people of colour” is what white people use to replace “Nigga”

with, it’s just racism given a beautiful name n different look”


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