“The car didn’t k!ll me, I will buy another one”: Portable survives ghastly Motor accident with G-Wagon

Portable survives ghastly Motor accident

Nigerian singer Portable survives ghastly Motor accident, leaving his G-Wagon in ruins. In a viral video, he addresses haters and affirms his resilience to buy another car. Despite the setback, Portable remains grateful and determined to achieve his goals.

A Miraculous Escape As Portable survives ghastly Motor accident

In a shocking turn of events, Nigerian singer Portable narrowly escapes a ghastly accident involving his prized G-Wagon. The impact of the collision leaves his luxury car in ruins, serving as a testament to the severity of the accident. However, amidst the wreckage, Portable emerges unscathed, defying the odds and counting his blessings.

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Addressing the Haters

True to his resilient spirit, Portable doesn’t let the accident dampen his spirits. In a video shared on his social media page, he addresses those who had wished for his downfall and eagerly anticipated his demise. He asserts that the car didn’t kill him and boldly proclaims his intention to purchase another vehicle. Portable’s words serve as a powerful reminder of his unwavering determination to rise above adversity and continue pursuing his dreams.

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Gratitude and Determination

Despite the shocking incident, Portable remains grateful for his survival. He acknowledges the support and prayers of his fans, expressing his gratitude for their unwavering belief in him. With a heart full of gratitude, he emphasizes that every day is an opportunity to strive for better, promising to continue working hard and achieving remarkable feats. Portable’s unwavering spirit serves as an inspiration to his fans and the music industry at large.

A Future Filled with Ambition

Portable, known for his hit song “Zazu,” reaffirms his commitment to his musical journey. In the aftermath of the accident, he reveals that he was en route to the studio, dedicated to his daily hustle and pursuing his passion for music. Undeterred by the setback, Portable shares a list of the remarkable accomplishments he still intends to achieve in his career, leaving no doubt that his determination knows no bounds.

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Grateful for God’s Grace After Portable survives ghastly Motor accident

Above all, Portable attributes his survival and resilience to the grace of God. In his heartfelt message, he acknowledges the importance of faith and expresses his deep gratitude for the divine protection that shielded him from harm. Portable’s unwavering belief in God’s guidance resonates with his fans and serves as a powerful reminder of the role faith plays in overcoming life’s challenges.

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