Spyro On The Front Cover Of GQ Magazine

Spyro grace GQ magazine

The rave-of-the-moment singer Spyro grace GQ magazine where he opened up about his journey


Spyro grace GQ magazine. Nigerian talented artist and rave of the moment Sypro has once again achieved another milestone with his latest magazine cover. The singer made it to the front page of the prestigious magazine where he shared exclusive details about his journey.


Sypro has been vocal about how grace brought him far and how he had struggled while trying to succeed in the music industry. Also added that he started his music journey in the church choir, where his father was a pastor. Adding that it was in that he picked up so much interest in music, and loved every ounce of it.


Speaking on his musical journey, Spyro stated that music for him came naturally. He recalled how he use to trek around the streets of Lagos to buy cassette tapes, ranging across different genres. He revealed he loves artists like Usher, Joe, R. Kelly, and other R&B singers. While emphasizing that he fell in love with music at a very tender age.


He also revealed that his hit single ‘who’s your guy’ was initially supposed to be a love song. But he also wanted something that everyone could relate to and he’s grateful for how the song turned out. About his creative process, Spyro revealed that he pays attention to things around him. Because he loves to talk about real things and be in tune with reality.

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