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Skales Makes Up With Wife 5 Months After Calling Her Out

Skales apologizes to his wife, the singer seems to have mended fences after calling out his wife five months ago


Skales apologizes to his wife. The former EME signee who’s popularly known as Skales is back online showing off PDA with his beautiful wife. The singer whose marriage appeared rocky a few months ago has revealed all is well in a recent post via Instagram. The messy situation had Skales calling out his wife and sending subtle shades.


In one of his old posts, he stated that in all you do, ensure you don’t marry a heart1ess person. And this sparked attention from fans as to what was going on with the singer and his wife. People started insinuating that the singer’s marriage is about to hit the rocks or has hit the rocks.


His wife who goes by @her_sanity11 during that time handled the situation appropriately. Since she didn’t fuel the situation by responding in a similar manner or further escalating the situation. Which probably resulted in the singer taking back his actions and apologizing to her on her birthday. It’s good to see that not all celebrity couple squabble, ends in divorce.


In his post, he wrote “Learning to control emotions and taking care of my mental when life throws me down. Has to be one of the amazing life lessons I’ve learnt. We both made mistakes and I sincerely apologize for letting my grieving times get the best of me. By bringing what should be our private life into the public eye, isn’t an act I’m proud of. And I promise to keep progressing daily in my actions & becoming a better man in handling situations”


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“Happy birthday my Queen @her_sanity11 I truly love, respect and care for you & I promise to do better!. Cheers to most amazing year yet” he wrote

Skales apologizes to his wife



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