Singer Tina Turner’s Husband Set To Inherit Her Fortune

Singer Tina Turner husband set to inherit her fortune... Photo credit: @gettyimages

Reports had it that American singer Tina Turner’s husband set to inherit her fortune and half of her estate


Singer Tina Turner’s husband set to inherit her fortune. Following the d£ath of the legendary singer and icon Tina Turner. Reports has it that the singer’s husband will be inheriting what’s left of her fortune and possessions. He’s also set to inherit half of her estate worth a mere $125 million.


Erwin Bach who is a music executive and husband to the late singer, Tina Turner is set to inherit half of her estate worth $125 million. The Grammy awards winning artist 83, and the music executive 67 dated for 27 years. And was married for 10 years until she sadly passed away after a long illness on May 24, 2023.


Recall that Tina lost her eldest son, Craig Tuner ended it all in 2018. Also, less than six months before her own d£ath, the queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll also lost her youngest son Ronnie Turner. After he was found by neighbours struggling to breath on the side walk in front of his home.



Tina Bach shared find memories together while she was alive. According to reports, Tina credited Bach for teaching her how to love without giving up who she was. However he was also by her side, when she suffered a stroke in 2013, a few months after their wedding. As well as her fight with intestinal cancer he also stood strong for her.


While speaking with Sunday mirror, her daughter in-law Afida who is the widow of her late son Ronnie. Speculated that the other half of Tina’s estate will be shared amongst her adopted in-laws.

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