Singer Simi Reveals Her ‘Green Flags’

Singer Simi reveals her green flags

In a recent post via her Instagram stories, singer Simi reveals her green flags and what they are would leave you speechless


Singer Simi reveals her green flags. Nigerian singer and all round talented artist popularly known as Simi has dropped her green flags as opposed to the usual red flags. According to the singer, it only takes a certain group of people to hurt her and it’s not meant friend everyone.


However revealing what her green flags are, she took to her verified Instagram page and shared on her story. In her opinion If you’re not her people, nothing you do would get to her. She wrote “If you’re not my people, you can’t hurt me. That’s my green flag”.


Meanwhile the singer just dropped a hit single titled ‘Stranger’ which has been gaining traction and lots of air plays. It’s no surprise as she has been described multiple times as a ball of talent. The mother of one and wife to singer Adekunle Gold hopes h@ters gets the message. Because she has been dr@gged multiple times for faking her accent inorder to sound bougie.


Although she followed up her post with yet another one. Talking about, when champagne gets into the system one becomes a motivational speaker. As she posted “Drink champagne, turn motivational speaker”, coupled with fun pictures and video of a night out with friends. Got to love Simi.

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