Singer Portable Claims Shallipopi Uses Streaming Farm To Top Chart

Portable claims Shallipopi uses streaming farm to top chart

Singer Portable claims Shallipopi uses streaming farm to top chart. Portable called out the singer in a new viral video…


Singer Portable claims Shallipopi uses streaming farm to top chart. The Nigerian Street singer and self-proclaimed IKA OF AFRICA in his usual nature of speaking his opinion without reserve. Has called out a new colleague who is currently making waves in the music industry Shallipopi.


According to Portable, he accused Shallipopi of using streaming farms to promote his music to top charts. In a viral video, Portable called Shallipopi a thi£f, while adding that he doesn’t know how to sing, but utilizes streaming farms.


However, Portable who spoke on the matter for reason being that Shallipopi’s song ‘Ex-c0nvict’ made it to number 2 on top songs. The singer, is currently making waves with his new single which is currently dominating the air waves. But Portable on the other hand is having any of it, as he claims he’s making Shallipopi more popular by even mentioning his name.


Meanwhile, Portable also added that he went to pris0n like Shallipopi but on his return, he never topped chart. Even after releasing a hit song about his experience only for Shallipopi to go and then come out to top chart.


Buttressing the matter, Portable revealed he’s willing to sign Shallipopi to his record label, Zeh Nation to teach him about music. In his words “Shallipopi is a thi£f, he does not know how to sing. He is using streaming farm, I was taken to prison and I did not top chart. Shallipopi I’m about to make you popular by calling your name, no one knows you before. Your face no blow, Shallipopi come let me sign you to Zeh Nation”

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