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Singer Portable Assaults Signee, Manny Monie For Being Ungrateful

Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola popularly known as Portable, in the early hours of Friday morning 18th

November, 2022. Shared a video of him assaulting his signee Manny Monie.

Singer Portable Assaults Signee, Manny Monie For Being Ungrateful


































In the video Portable shared via his social media account (Instagram) the singer was seen accusing Manny Monie

of being ungrateful and  explained that the signee tried to double cross him.


Portable further revealed he promoted and sponsored the signee, even take him along with him to shows but

Manny Monie prefers to indulge in scam/fraud instead of working to make legit money.


Portable in the videos is seen raising his voice at the obviously scared Manny as he questions him repeatedly on

everything he has done for him. Portable revealed he buys clothes, shoes and takes him along when traveling. He

also reveals he has single handedly given the upcoming artist enough fame that his predecessors won’t do.


Not long ago Portable revealed that he fired all his studio workers after generating only 7,000 in a month. The singer

was enraged when he discovered his studio staff only made a whooping sum of seven thousand naira only. This resulted

in the singer firing every single one of them.


Manny Monie has reacted to the assault in a video he posted on his personal page, narrating his side of things. The singer

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stated that he doesn’t know why Portable would treat him in such manner but he hasn’t done anything wrong to him.


Watch full video here



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