Singer Joeboy Almost Got Arrested In St. Lucia

Singer Joeboy almost got arrested

Singer Joeboy almost got arrested in St. Lucia for his DJ’s mistake


Singer Joeboy almost got arrested abroad. Nigerian multi-talented artist and performer

popularly known as Joeboy disclosed that he was almost arrested during his show abroad.

The versatile singer recounts his experience and what led to the almost unfortunate incident.


According to the singer, they almost got arrested after his DJ broke the law. Joeboy added

that he travelled 40 hours across countries to perform for his fans in St Lucia in the

United Kingdom. And unknowingly the DJ said a curse word on stage resulting in the

organizers putting the show to an abrupt end.


Taking to his Instagram page to share details of what happened. He wrote “Saint Lucia

I travelled over 40 hours to be with you guys and I was super excited to be performing

here for the first time in St Lucia. However, I couldn’t perform today due to issues with

the organisers. I tried my best to give you the best performance today but my set was cut

off and my DJ was taken off the stage”.


Meanwhile, my DJ was taken because he said “Make some f#cking noise”. We were not given any

memo that we couldn’t use any curse words on stage. My DJ immediately apologized to the crowd

but his mic was cut off. I was still willing to perform but I was told I couldn’t and one of the promoters

threatened to call security on us and also get us arrested. It was later decided that I couldn’t perform.

To my fans in St Lucia, I will certainly come back for you. Pondeck”.

Singer Joeboy almost got arrested


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Joeboy also called out some individuals who disrespected and sidelined his team. Adding that

Nigerians abroad, are supposed to look out for each other both at home and abroad.

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