Simi Reveals The First Thing Adekunle Told Her When They Met

Simi reveals the first thing Adekunle told her when they first met

Simi reveals the first thing Adekunle told her when they first met. Adding that his initial attempts to get to know her weren’t successful


Simi reveals the first thing Adekunle told her. In a recent interview with Beat 99.9FM, Simisola Bolatito Kosoko, who’s popularly known by ‘Simi‘, disclosed that her husband’s initial attempts at getting to know her were pretty unsuccessful.

Simi reveals the first thing Adekunle told her when they first met

Because It turns out he had tried to get her attention by sliding diligently in her Facebook messages. Which she did not notice until several years later.


Meanwhile, during that time, she had already released her gospel album and was making waves within the industry. Because although not many people know this about her, she started her career as a gospel singer. Not as the secular artist she is today.


But as fate would have it, Simi and Adekunle met during a performance that she had and hit it off almost instantly. Giggling while narrating her little beginnings, she revealed that Adekunle Gold who is now her husband. Told her “I’m such a fan”


While adding that even after they both got successful, they decided to keep their relationship low-key. Mainly to ‘avoid the scrutiny of society’. Being that people can be judg3mental despite not having full information about a thing.

Nigerian singer and songwriter also revealed that she and Adekunle dated for 5 years before getting married. And in 2019 after their low-key wedding, which proves the couple take their privacy seriously.


However, she revealed that the wedding took place at Ilashe private beach, Lagos state. And they both have a beautiful daughter who Simi revealed helped her find herself.

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