“Ruger and BNXN Don’t know Music” Singer Portable Slams Colleagues Over Singing Skills


The Zeh’ nation artist has called on people to tell colleagues Ruger and BNXN to come and learn music from him…

“Ruger and BNXN Don't know Music" Singer Portable Slams Colleagues Over Singing Skills


































Nigerian singer Portable has slammed his colleagues BNXN (Buju) and Ruger over their amateurs singing skills.

The Zazu crooner has called on them to come learn music from him since they don’t know much about it.


In a video he shared via his Instagram account, the singer Portable said


“ I go by the name Portable, doctor Zeh-nation. Many many inspiration, you know why they call me doctor?

Music doctor…forget all those music they’re releasing none of them Sabi sing. Come make we teach you

how to sing… Can you sing live band? Not all those noise others dey make, dem they package you”


“Make Una help me tell Ruger and BNXN (Buju) make dem come learn music for doctor Zeh hand…they

no Sabi sing o, we no dey hear wetin dem dey talk well well. No be say we no dey hear English but their

wordings no dey comot, make dem come learn music no be to dey sing for woman woman all the time

and later they go carry award give them” he said


Portable continued his rant about Ruger and BNXN as he said “Can’t you praise God, can’t you talk reality

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things? Can’t you say wordings, can’t you say wise wordings are you mad or something?”


He also said that he heard some of them buys views to promote their songs while they use fake life to kill

the careers of those who are better musicians and going the legit way. He added that since they don’t know

what they’re doing, they should give way for those that know and probably learn from those that know including himself.


Watch full video at goldmynetv

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