Singer Rudeboy Reveals What Men Want

Rudeboy reveals what men want

Rudeboy reveals what men want in a viral post on Instagram about what men actually want from women in a relationship


Rudeboy reveals what men want. The one-half of the Psquare duo Paul Okoye popularly known by his stage name Rudeboy. He recently revealed the ultimate secret to what the male gender wants from their women while in a committed relationship or marriage. The singer recently got divorced from his first wife and mother of his 3 children, Anita and currently dating his 21-year-old girlfriend.


Their relationship has sparked lots of controversial takes online and seems to be frowned upon by nonsupporters. Although some fans think the singer should have fought harder for his family for the sake of his three lovely children. But the singer seems to be moving on happily with his new lover, going on trips and concerts together.


Anita the former first wife of the singer accused him of infidelity and negligence on his part for his children. But after much deliberation, the high court in Abuja finally granted the divorce with shared custody of the children. And the ex-couple has since moved on with their lives away from each other.


The singer who is currently in a relationship shared some nuggets with his fans about what love and relationship entail. According to him, “For Men… Sometimes it’s not all about love. RESPECT is all that matters”.


People are wondering if this could be part of the reason why his first marriage failed. While opposing opinions said respect is reciprocal, and that if he demands respect, he should be ready to give it. Adding that respect is not the same as suppression and domination, because it is earned and not demanded.

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At the end of the day, everyone has what they look for and want in a partner. Some value respect over love and vice versa, it all depends on each individual’s choice.

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