Rihanna Reveals The Best Thing About Her Son

Rihanna reveals the best thing about her son

Rihanna reveals the best thing about her son, the talented singer revealed the most precious thing about her baby


Rihanna reveals the best thing about her son. American singer, songwriter, performer and business mogul Rihanna has revealed the best about her son. The mother of one and partner to American Rapper Asap Rocky revealed that her son is the happiest baby. And the best thing about him is that he’s always smiling.


The little lad is always seen smiling for the camera whenever he’s out in public. And Rihanna revealed that he’s a happy child and that’s the best thing about him. You can be having a bad day and when he smiles at you everything becomes alright.


Fans have shared their opinion about the baby’s cheerful demeanour. According to a fan, People joking about how the reason Baby Fenty is always smiling is because he knows his mother is Rihanna or he’s a Billionaire. ..but I genuinely think Rih and Asap have a really healthy relationship and that reflects on their happiness including Baby Fenty.


Another opined, “I just know Rihanna is obsessed with her baby, the constant natural smile she has on around him. This is the best gift life ever gave her. He’s always smiling, he’s the world is like a big adventure, oh wow”.


@herejonahgo added: “I think Rihanna’s baby knows EXACTLY who his momma is, he be living for the paparazzi  just a cheesing”

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