Rihanna And A$AP Rocky Names Their Son, After Keeping It A Secret

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky names their son

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky names their son. The iconic duo dec


The American singer, performer and multiple Grammy award winner Rihanna has

decided it’s time to give her son a name. The child whom she had for rapper A$AP

Rocky has finally been bestowed a title.


Before the official name went public there was lots of speculation as to what the

singer would pick. Although many suggestions were given, Rihanna didn’t speak

on any possible name. The diamond hitmaker ignored the speculations and eventually

decided on what was best suited.


Meanwhile, the official name which was decided on has gotten tongue-wagging. Especially

those who thought she was going to name him Fenty or something related to herself.

Rihanna finally names her son with A$AP Rocky RZA Athleston Mayers.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky names their son



















According to the birth certificate obtained by @Backgrid, Rihanna and A$AP named their son

RZA Athleston Mayers. After the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, in addition to that the child

took his father’s middle and last name. Fans who have expressed confusion following the

name choice have this to say;


@iamtonitones: “I guess he gon grow up and have to add Fenty to the end of his name by


@libleelibby: “It makes sense, (R)- RIHANNA (Z) is just an N turned to the side and (A)- ASAP”

@the bword: “Cute name. I would’ve named him “Bihllion” add the H for razzle dazzle! Lol”

@iam_baegoals: “Well h3ll if they like it then I love it for them, baby”

@kingdane.2: “RZA pronounced “Rizza” aka one of them members of Wu-Tang. Common now

you young people”

@msbiancamoore: “Maybe it’s an acronym, however, RZA is a dope person to name your kid after.

Wu loves the kids”

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