Rema Is More Talented Than Burna Boy- Twitter Critic Claims

Rema is more talented than Burna Boy

According to a Twitter Critic, Rema is more talented than Burna Boy


Rema is more talented than Burna Boy. Nigerian superstar and Grammy award winner Burna Boy has been compared to the Mavin signee Rema and fans are at loggerheads. Those in support of Rema’s talent are of the opinion that he’s current bigger than the three OG’s Burna, Wizkid and Davido.


Meanwhile their opinions are making the trend table in Twitter. According to the critic, “He’s more talented than Burna Boy in my book. Rema has made hit songs without sampling anybody’s papa. Let Burna Boy make one hit song on his own first . Lastly, the magic Rema’s non-sampled song ‘Calm Down’ is doing, Burna Boy’s might never do till he retires. One love.”

Rema is more talented than Burna Boy




However, many came with backlash for the critic for comparing Burna Boy who has been in the game for long. To a new generation artist who is obviously don’t great at the moment.


Below are some of their takes on the Burna Boy Versus Rema debate.

@Revolutionary: “Those comparing Burna to Rema should just take it cool, they should realize “Calm Down” is doing the magic just like Ckay’s “Love Nwantiti” his ability to keep himself relevant at the top will determine his future – personally I feel he has the charisma, but take it easy on him”.

@Snïpër: “Any disrespect on ODG by those Rema nursery rhyme stans, will get back 1000 stroke. Rema remains Selena’s maid to me”.

@African cowboy: “Rema is very good nd I love him a lot, but never put him on d same table with dem OG’s, especially Burnaboy. I watch him most times nd see him showing respect to Burna and co. Allow my boy to have a career without hate me ravers. Remember Ckay once has d biggest afrobeat song”

@Ken: “A year ago Rema dropped the same Calm down but you didn’t see ravers with this much “belief” to start Banting Burna boy. In fact they dickrode outsiders; the song grew and now they have the “balls”. The numbers being the metric of quality in Afrobeats has spoiled the genre”

@Godzilla: “I’ll be a fool to compare Burna to Rema cos as Burna told Rekado “he isn’t a worthy challenger”. Rema isn’t a worthy challenger against Burna and I will never compare both. Let’s start with Rema vs his peers quality vs quality if they will not end him in some aspects. Bye man”

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