Rema Educate Fans On Selfishness

Rema educates fans on selfishness

Rema educates fans on selfishness, the ‘holiday’ crooner throws more light on those entitled to his selflessness


Rema educates fans on selfishness and people who don’t return favours. Mavin Records signee and performer, popularly known as Rema is a Nigerian music artist, songwriter and performer. Who rose to fame at a very young age and went on to be one the best artist in Nigeria. The Mavin frontline artist has done multiple international collaborations and won both national and international awards.


Divine Ikubor popularly known as Rema has given his two cents on selfishness in a recent post via Twitter. The 22 years old singer made his first million at 17 years of age and gave it all to his mother. Also gave his advice on selfishness and it not being just about gifts but more to do with the simple things in life.


According to him, “Being selfish is not about giving gifts, it’s also about not giving the simplest things I offer you for free – peace, joy, loyalty, security, patience, forgiveness etc. You’re not real when the rules change when it’s your turn to… give”.

Rema educates fans on selfishness

The singer’s opinion on being selfish is more than not giving gifts. But it could also be there simple things like loyalty, peace, patience, forgiveness and other factors. Adding that one isn’t real when it’s their turn to return the favour and they choose to change up the rules.

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