American Rappers Who Announced Exit From Music

Rappers exiting the music industry

Rappers exiting the music industry, popular American Rappers announced they’re taking a break from music, and below are their reasons…


Rappers exiting the music industry. In the world of Rap music, a few artists have been known to dominate the scene while dishing great songs. Rap had gained momentum and has become one of the genres that have produced the greatest artist of all time. The likes of Nas, Eminem, Tupac, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dog, Kanye West, and Jay Z to mention but a few.


Rap is also known as one with the most g^n violence as it appears they take the beef literally. Most rappers have died as a result of drive-through sh#oting or targeted k!lling. Recently some American  Rappers announced their exit from the music scene.


These artists are people whose fans didn’t think for a million bucks would leave the industry. Those that have decided to take a break from music are Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole. They gave reasons for their decision and it goes as follows


Drake said he feels he has achieved so much in his music career and as a result of that he’s considering taking an exit from music. Drake has done justice to rap music, giving us rap songs that will stand the test of time. Hopefully, he’s not quitting music entirely, but taking some time off.


J. Cole who is another ace rapper hinted he’s also considering an exit from music. The subtle hint was on the track ‘On the street’ with BTS star J-hope. Hopefully, J. Cole hasn’t made up his mind as his talent is undeniable.

Then Kendrick Lamar who’s also an amazing rapper stated that he’s choosing himself over music. It gets overwhelming with lots of competition, but when there’s a talent the music speaks for itself.


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The music industry isn’t all rosy, the competition can get the best of the industry. And artists choosing to take some time off from it after giving the best they can give should be supported.

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