Shocking: Rapper Lil Uzi’s Fascinating Tattoo

Rapper Lil Uzi tattoos his tongue

Rapper Lil Uzi tattoos his tongue, the American rapper leaves fans in utter shock with his one-of-a-kind tattoo


Rapper Lil Uzi tattoos his tongue. The American rapper has left many in shock over his choice of tattoo and its placement. The Fully tatted rapper has added one more tattoo I’m his collection of many. It’s no news that the rapper has multiple bodily drawings but his latest has left a lot of people surprised.


Symere Bysil Woods born on the 31st of July, who is popularly known as Lil Uzi Vert is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. His physical features are characterized by piercings, body and facial tattoos, eccentric hairstyles and androgynous fashion.


The rapper rose to fame after the release of his single ‘Luv Is Rage’ which later led to a recording contract with Atlantic Records. To whom they signed under DJ Drama’s Generation. Since then the rapper has been in the industry breaking records and winning awards.


Meanwhile, the latest tattoo which got netizens talking is one the rapper got on his tongue. The Rapper’s choice of tattoo is one part of the discussion and where he drew is another. Lil Uzi drew a downward-facing cross on his tongue, which he displayed proudly to an inquisitive fan. Who was left shocked at the new discovery. He seems to be the first to have this kind of tattoo till someone else proves his claims wrong.


Hopefully, he reveals the reason behind the cross and why he chose to get tatted on his tongue.

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