Rapper Kanye West Marries Yeezy Architecture in a Secret Ceremony

Kanye West remarries

Kanye West remarries; rapper Kanye West who was previously married to reality TV star Kim Kardashian

has tied the knot again.

Kanye West remarries


























Kanye West remarries; The American rapper Kanye West is one controversial rapper who makes headlines either

with his unpopular opinions or incidents going on in his life. The rapper was stripped of his billionaire status when

brands pulled out of their partnership with his brand Yeezy. The rapper witnesses one of the most challenging periods

of his life as a result of his controversial comments, his Twitter and Instagram accounts have been disabled as well.


And during his divorce settlement, the court of Los Angeles ordered the rapper to pay a monthly sum of $200k

monthly on child support for his four children with his ex-wife and former business partner Kim Kardashian. Kanye

West made some effort to get his family back, making it public knowledge when he constantly announced it on

his social media pages and even went ahead to call out Kim’s then-boyfriend to her alone.


But recently the rapper allegedly held a private wedding ceremony as he weds his Yeezy designer Bianca Censori,

but a formal wedding certificate is yet to be filed to make things official. Going to her LinkedIn profile, Bianca has

worked for the Yeezy company since 2020 immediately after her master’s degree.


As reported by vanity fair The pair were seen having lunch at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly hills and the rapper was

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spotted wearing a wedding band on his left-hand finger. The clue that was believed to have led Kanye to tie the knot

so out of the blues with Censori has been linked to a song seemingly inspired by his new bride ‘Censori overload’ in

which he stated that “And the Bible says I can’t have any more sex ’til marriage”

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