Rapper Erigga Sh0cks Fans With A Deep Message About…

Rapper Erigga Sh0cks fans with a deep message

Rapper Erigga Sh0cks Fans with a deep message on being a good person and how to stop it…


Rapper Erigga Sh0cks fans with a deep message. The Nigerian rapper Erhiga Agarivbie, better known for his stage name Erigga has dropped an unexpected advise about people pleasing. In his personal opinion, trying to be on everyone’s good book is a tr@p, and a habit people should resist.


Although Erigga is recognized for his controversial takes and opinions, which reflects in his music as well. But he has proven over time that though his opinions are unpopular but it’s largely useful.


However, in recent post the Nigerian born rapper and street hip-hop artis who hails from Warri, Delta state Nigeria. In his usual nature Sh0cks Fans with his latest advise on how to stop pleasing people. According to him it’s a tr@p which one needs to d£str0y before it k#lls you.


In his words, “You see that urge of wanting to be in everybody good books, wanting to please everyone so they call you a good person, it is a big Tr@p, you better k#ll it before it k#lls you”.

Rapper Erigga Sh0cks fans with a deep message







Although most people are of the opinion that being good pays. But the singer’s advise it’s mostly to those who overly do it so that people would consider them good. His solution is to put a stop to it because it doesn’t end well. Do you agree with Erigga?

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