Rapper Drake Got B0mbarded With Bras From Female Fans While On Stage

Rapper Drake got b0mbarded with bras from female fans

Rapper Drake got b0mbarded with bras from his female fans while in stage, during his performance in Detroit


Rapper Drake got b0mbarded with bras from female fans. The American rapper Drake, had his own share of experience with female fans showing their love with their undergarments. While performing on stage in Detroit, the singer was b0mbarded with different shades and sizes of bra from fans.


The Canadian rapper and song writer, while trying to make sense of the situation during his performance. Also got other items thrown on stage at him, a male shoe was also part of the collection.


However, reacting to the unexpected gifts and having to sway to save his head. While he asked them to stop throwing things while appreciating the massive love because it would take him the whole night to clean up the stage.


Many have described the behaviour of throwing bras as tacky while others see it as a show of love.


@iamdx2: “Some ladies are married at home.. Husband no know say na bra wife go throw for Drake party way she say she dey go”

@_the_adaoma: “I don’t care how startstru¢k I get I’m never throwing my $76 bra”

@thriftshive.ng: “So what should he do with the br@zierz. Such a bæd move”

@fairyglowtherapy: “A lot of people are sh@meless sha. Because what’s this whole throwing of bra at their favs??”

@daddy_ivy: “Same women will later play the v!ctims card”

@figaeight: “Whatever they get from doing this. After that we’ll say nobody should see us as s+x objects… Wetin be this”

@greenystephy: “Nawa oo, so what does this mean now? I want to understand”


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