President Joe Biden Took A Massive Fall On Stage

President Joe Biden took a massive fall on stage

The US president Joe Biden took a massive fall on stage during the US air force graduation ceremony


President Joe Biden took a massive fall on stage. American president Joe Biden had a public mishap when he accidentally fell on stage. The cause of the tumble is still unknown as the crowd who witnessed the incident cheered on.


The unexpected tumble which happened to Joe Biden has gotten lots of online takes from Netizens. And most are having a field day with it, as they share their opinion.


The fall happened during the U.S air force graduation ceremony in Colorado springs, where the president delivered the commencement address. The president was immediately held back up and was seen pointing out that he had tripped over something.


After which he say back down and seemed to be fine. Meanwhile, white House communication director Ben LaBolt later explained on Twitter that the mishap occurred because there was a sandbag on the stage. Watch the fall below.

However, some people are calling for the president to be removed from office because of the fall. While others say the president is aged and call for change, addressing the need for a younger generation of leaders. But the president cleared the confusion saying he tripped on a sandbag on stage.

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