“Ma Worry Police nor Dey hear Sorry” – Portable Arrests Mechanic Who Suggested Butchering His Car and Sold as Scrap

Portable Arrests Mechanic

On July 12, Nigerian artist Portable narrowly escaped a fatal accident with his Brabus G wagon. After expressing gratitude for his survival, he entrusted the damaged car to his mechanic for assessment and repair.

A Controversial Video

Unexpectedly, the mechanic recorded a video and shared it online without Portable’s permission. In the video, he claimed that the car was beyond repair and suggested selling it as scrap for spare parts.

See video below:

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Portable’s Response

Portable, angered by the mechanic’s actions, took legal action and had him arrested. He emphasized that the police wouldn’t accept a mere apology as compensation for the mechanic’s breach of privacy and unauthorized video release.

Mechanics’ Explanation and Apology As Portable Arrests Mechanic

The mechanic, upon realizing the gravity of his mistake, publicly apologized to Portable, acknowledging his error in judgment and lack of knowledge about the car’s owner. However, Portable remained firm in pursuing legal consequences.

The Implications As Portable Arrests Mechanic

The incident raises questions about the importance of consent and professionalism in the automotive industry. It serves as a reminder for mechanics to respect their clients’ privacy and maintain appropriate boundaries in their professional conduct.

Portable’s Stand

Portable Arrests Mechanic By taking legal action, Portable sends a message that unauthorized actions will not be tolerated, regardless of the circumstances. He aims to protect his rights and ensure accountability for those who violate his privacy.

As the legal process unfolds, the outcome of this incident will have implications for the relationship between artists and their service providers, shedding light on the importance of trust and professionalism in the industry.

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