Omah Lay’s Message To Nigerians

Omah lay's message to Nigerians

The ‘Soso’ singer has a message to all Nigerians about the current happenings in the country


Omah lay’s message to Nigerians. The Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer popularly known as Omah Lay sent a clear message to his fellow compatriots. The singer amidst the current happenings around the country has spoken up addressing Nigerians in general.


According to the hitmaker, his statement aligned with the ongoing electoral process. He dropped his two cents stating that no matter what happens or who comes down from heaven Nigerians won’t still be satisfied. People are wondering in what line Omah Lay is speaking if he’s in support or against good governance, as it’s unclear where he currently stands.


Nigeria just concluded its presidential elections, and Nigerians are fighting for their chosen candidate. The country is in a state of anxiety following the yet-to-be-declared president-elect of the country. And different celebrities have blended their voices on their various platforms in the fight for good governance. And some have been canceled by their fans following their silence and inactions in the entire process. Such as Burna boy and Wizkid, who neither declared their support for any candidate nor encouraged a free and fair electoral process.

Omah Lay’s tweet, “Jesus has to come on Instagram live and sh@t himself in the head for Nigeria”


The majority have found Omah Lay’s tweet confusing and unnecessary at the moment. And following the fact that he’s neither in support nor against the collective fight for a democratic leader. Some have described his tweet as blasphemy, while others think he supports the movement. Because he is insinuating that only God can save Nigeria at this point in point in time.

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The singer is in his own lane doing what’s best for him, maybe he would explain his tweet, or maybe not.

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